Newsflash! Taking personal responsibility may be good for your health.

Contrary to the belief of some people, losing one's religion can and should be, an enlightening and empowering thing. The idea that there is nobody watching you, that there is no grand and divine plan set in stone for you to follow, that no matter what mistake you make or what path you go down it'll have a minimal impact on the entire workings of the cosmos. It's a humbling feeling. Ideally it should make one appreciate life all the more. It should make you feel more personally responsible for your actions and thoughts.

Unfortunately many, many people seem to defer their responsibility onto something or someone else on a more or less daily basis. If it's not God working in mysterious circles, it's the politicians, it's the weather, it's the grey shirt (an Alex Ferguson reference, I highly suggest you google it).

If you expect things to change for the better, or expect it to be a "rule" that the future will always be brighter you will be disappointed. So many people are now disillusioned with work, with politics with the day to day because they expect too much of others and very little of themselves. There are options out there. For some the choices are harder to make than for others but considering the nation we live in, in comparison with the rest of the world, boy are we lucky. If you ever want to have a happy life, here's the place to do it, and at risk of sounding like a self help book it really is down to you to make that happen, nobody else.


Sorry, couldnt resist. I do agree with you though, being a former believer I do now feel pretty badass to know the only thing limiting me is time and effort, not a mysterious Sky-King.

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