Irans Nuclear Deal and the Israeli Odd Man Out

The fact that this deal had a 12 year buildup will drive the numerologists crazy but not as crazy as the deal itself is driving Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli PM has found himself on the wrong side of history as the worlds major powers, the P5+1, have spoken.
Even the presence of his new best buddy Boehner didnt give Benny a strong enough platform from which to lobby/derail the talks.
Netanyahu seems to have forgotten that outside of the US no one actually cares about Boehner; hes not the head of state remember?
Someone who does remember this fact is the man himself and he also remembers Bennys electoral promise; no two state solution.
His post election flip-flop isnt convincing anyone in the White House and this has further soured relations that still hadnt fully recovered from last years invasion of Gaza.

Coming so soon after a surprise electoral majority built on an anti-Palestine platform he is scrambling to shout loud in the wake of the successful framework announcement. Pressure at home from his potential coalition partners Bayit Yehudi probably isnt helping. Their nationalist power base will be keen to take chunks out of Netanyahu for a perceived failure to impact on the course of the talks.
So his 'No deal' stance has morphed less than smoothly into a demand for a 'better deal' and its easy to see this being largely ignored as well.
After 12 years the world powers assembled have to come away with a solid agreement and Iran shows little sign of making any further concessions.

Ultimately though Im sure Mr Netanyahu wont be out in the cold for too long, as John Boehner thinks the “world is on fire".

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