Sherrif J. Corbyn and the 48 Ronin

Fuck Tony Blair:
"Mr Blair said the "debilitating feature" of the leadership contest was that it was being presented as a choice "between heart and head", adding that people who say their heart is with Mr Corbyn should "get a transplant"."
Its hard to believe the gall of the man! Those that support Corbyn support the left i.e. actual labour, not his parasitic brand of middle-ground, grovelling, greedy Tory-lite, yet its us who should get the transplant? No, you warmongering bastard its your tumorous growth that needs to be removed, regardless of how many confused self-interested voters it loses the party. Without a proper stance of opposition, without an actual ideological position from which to grow anew the party is doomed to be forever weak willed and cowed by the very business lobbies it was created to defend us from.
His remaining cronies continue their mealy mouthed 'Its better to be in power' mantras.
Self serving to the last they dont give a shit about the left, they just want to keep their seats.

Well to hell with them! All 168 of the spineless weasels that couldnt do their jobs as the party of opposition.
All of the high command that keep spouting shit about 'how we didnt listen to the electorate last time' inferring that they need to be more like the Tories to win, when in truth they failed because they didnt provide an actual alternative, just more watered down half-assed bullshit.
If you want to be Tory enough to win an election then join the Tory party!
Leave the Labour party to those who believe in the values of the left, we'll be better off without you.
Smaller but with a much clearer message: austerity is a political choice, not an economic necessity.

Both Tony Blair and the Tories are trying the most see-through 'fake-out' tactics, Corbyns a joke, hes unelectable. Blair can see the unmasking of betrayal racing towards him, his legacy uprooted and destroyed. The Tories might not take him seriously but they know that unlike his competitors Corbyn and his 48 strong posse (including our own Rob Marris) will be a leader that opposes their destructive policies.
You know, the way the leader of the opposition is supposed to.


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