RetroPie 4 - Set the oven to gas mark 'Fab'


Version 4.0 of the much loved raspberry pi 'all-in-one' emulation installs was released last month and its packed with nutritious goodness... Ill stop with the baking puns, even if it is deliciously topical at the moment, and get to the meat of the matter.

This is the first major revision to make its way into our hands since the release of the RPi 3 back in February. Consequently we can expect a significant boost in all round performance along with a slew of bug-fixes and emu-core optimising goodness. From first impressions it looks like pretty similar on the front-end; as it should, aint broke and all that.

Once you get further into the configs you'll find the more interesting changes, most obviously with the streamlining of the retropie config scripts themselves. The standout change to the features is shifting controller assignment out of the 'config file only' cli realm and into the gui. The ability to set the ordering of up to four controllers in every emulator, as well as in each individual emulator, is an extremely handy feature. An obvious example would be if you have a gpio based arcade stick as well as a couple of snes style usb pads. You can set the gpio to by 'player 1' on mame, whilst you can set the snes pads to be 'player 1' and 'player 2' on snes emus. All from the retroarch config that you can navigate around using whichever controller you setup in the Emulation Station frontend.

In short(crust) if you want a fully featured version of Emulation Station, with plenty of options laid out in a sane system then get on over to Dont forget to through them a few quid, as this is all for free and really is an impressive piece of work.

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