Lord Bakers thoughts: Labour could be Tories 'Pedigree Chums'

No Share For Sturgeon

Lord Baker, former Home Secretary and Conservative Party Chairman, has proposed an answer to the thorny potential post-election question of how to solve a hung parliament.

A Con-Lab coalition government.

Yup, you read that right folks. Lord Baker, former Mp for Mole Valley, believes that a 'national unity' government could be required to avoid the SNP having sway in post-may 7th Westminster.
Correct me if Im wrong here; didnt the Scots actually vote to remain part of this 'nation'? Hence isnt this proposed alliance simply thinly a veiled sectarian attack on a strong Scottish voice?
Is Lord Baker saying that the Scottish people should only have representation in parliament if they vote for one of the main UK-wide parties?
No, of course he isnt. In truth I suspect this has little to do with the SNP and much more to do with Lord Bakers suggested 'ally'.
This is a piece of political posturing designed to further weaken Labour in Scotland, leaving them weaker as a UK-wide political force as a result.

An interesting move by Kenny but methinks it came out of the oven before it was ready.

Please leave us some comments and if you get the time take a look at the beeb article here:

And the independents coverage here:

PS Mole Valley is neither my own creation nor is it a level from Super Mario World. Its real!

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